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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Patriotism

Anyone who knows me knows I tried enlisting in the Marines when I got out of high school. Actually, I signed up when I was 16, then spent 2 years training with the Staff Sargeant that recruited me. However, I got to MCRD San Diego, spent 3 days in processing, then someone reviewed my records. Turns out since my dad has Crohn's disease, and is darn near disabled from it, they decided I wasn't going to be allowed to enlist. 2 years they had that info, and waited until I got in to turn me away. None of that matters now, just makes me more likely to be a patriot than the norm, I guess. I do want to go out and give back to my country, just not sure what I can do. Past the point in my life where I can go in and enlist. 3 kids between 13 and 18 months pretty much put the kibosh on that. Not sure what other avenues are open for me.

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